Hitchcock Fan Art

I love movies! I also am guilty of doodling while watching them. The past week I've been on a Hitchcock kick so here's some sketches while watching those movies. Here's 'Suspicion'

These next ones are 'North by Northwest'

Auuugggh!!! I never work with colour and it's obvious why! Honestly, it's a lot of fun but the results are hard to look at.

These are 'Lifeboat' drawings...

Here's some from 'I Confess'. I think that's one of the best Hitchcock films.

Montgomery Clift is so cool.

Here's some 'Rebecca' sketches!

It's funny because by the time the climax is on, I'm so engrossed in the movie I stop drawing. So there's no drawings of Cary Grant on Mount Rushmore, the lifeboat crew killing the German, and Joan Fontaine is still happy as can be XD It's sort of a fun, alternate universe of movies, where you are introduced to characters, see close ups of their interesting faces, and then the movie ends. Okay, that's all! Thanks for takin' a look!


  1. Dude! These are gorgeous! Strong designs, but more importantly, strong personalities. Great work!!

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